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The Survivalist

BR-9A Geiger counter

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BR-9 Series Electromagnetic Radiation Nuclear Detector

The BR-9 Series is a full-functional type tester that detects electromagnetic radiation and nuclear radiation. It is easy to use and powerful.EMF Meter


Large screen display makes it easier to read data, and the buttons are easy to operate. The housing is made of fine quality ABS, which has fine heat resistance and cold resistance, high strength and fine toughness. High sensitivity, wide measuring range, has a long service life. Both electromagnetic radiation and nuclear radiation can be detected. It can meet the needs of home life detection, substation detection, mobile signal tower detection, etc. It can also be applied to material inspection, environmental test, radiology protection, radiopharmaceutical screening, etc. With mute, alarm, particle sound selection button, test, mean value reset retest selection button, backlight can be turned on or off.