Application of Knowledge

Survival is not easy. It is just that simple. It will take work and the application of basic knowledge, drawing greatly upon a period in life that for many may have been quite a few years in the past. That’s right – childhood.

Think back for a moment to days when improvisation was a useful skill; the time before adulthood led the average person to purchase ready-made tools. In childhood, a rock tied to a stick made a hammer. A stick scraped back and forth on the sidewalk became a spear and crushing purple wild-flowers from the side yard to make stain.

Important is the skill to apply the knowledge gained from these posts and this site, and put it to use in the field. This is called the application of knowledge. Application of knowledge requires practice. Practice, in the case of survival, may not make perfect, but it will make for less stress and a quicker reaction time.

The-Survivalist.Com believes in having more knowledge than simply packing a bag (The Bug-Out Bag). Having a roll of toilet paper is wonderful, but it will not last forever? Water-treatment tablets are a great addition to any Bug-Out Bag, but what can be used when no more tablets are available? How can you make food supplies last longer? The-Survivalist.Com will answer these questions and so many more. It is up to you to practice these skills!



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